About Us

Easy Peasy Delicious became a thrilling desire fulfilled after months of struggling how to cook for three children – all needing special diets for health related issues.  The infant must have absolutely no dairy. The toddler was gluten intolerant. And the five year old was very particular about the texture of food and how it felt inside his mouth.

I thought I would go crazy!  I might have had a few “less than perfection” moments there for awhile.  Okay, so now I’ve said it….this seemed tremendously daunting to me, especially since I’d just given birth to my third son and my greatest fear had just been realized – all three needed different diets.  YIKES!

While I pondered, and yes, I prayed – and hard – to find a reasonable solution that didn’t keep me in the kitchen all hours of the day and night, others came to my rescue preparing meals for me.  Oh yes, I forgot I had to feed myself and my hubby.

Well, we’re beyond all the preliminaries now and actually have come out quite well on the other end.

That said, now I guess you’d like to know what you can expect on this particular recipe site.

Key features:

  • Easy recipes (if it takes 30 minutes to read and comprehend – it’s too hard)
  • Gluten Free recipes (because we discovered we all feel better)
  • Dairy Free recipes (for that season of necessity)
  • Fun recipes (we all have to enjoy eating, right?)
  • Who’s Counting recipes (for those days I need something delightful just for the heck of it)

We’ve searched long and hard for “easy” recipes to fulfill the need for simplicity in our lives.  And we’ve been very successful in pulling together gluten and dairy free recipes that are, indeed, easy – by our standards.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a drag.  We’ve found recipes that are tasty and we have a lot of fun preparing and eating them with our families.

Finally, I was once told by a nutritional and allergy specialist that it takes all food four days to pass through our bodies.  That means we can have a “cheat day” once per week.  And, he added, “Make sure your “cheat” is exceptionally good.  For instance, if it’s french fries – don’t settle for soggy ones.  Go to your favorite place and enjoy the crunchiest fries in town.  Then you can begin planning for next week’s “cheat” day by delving into the WHO’s COUNTING category on this site.

If you’re looking for something special and can’t find it just us the form on the CONTACT US page and we’ll be sure to add it to the site and notify you when the recipe has been published.