Decadent Brownie Pie. Chocolate lovers rejoice with this easy recipe!

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Would you like pie or brownie? YES. I’ll take both! Now you can have them together in this easy dessert. Who wouldn’t love a big piece of brownie pie? Flaky pie crust, filled with rich chocolate brownie? Add in some walnuts and you’ve got a decadent dessert! I also of course love how easy this pie is to put together. I’m a huge fan of new dessert ideas and I’m all about this chocolaty creation. If you’re not a big nuts in your brownie fan simply change them out with some chocolate chips, this is how my kiddos love brownies! That extra crunch of chocolate sends you into a chocolate coma in no time! I hope you give this yummy pie or brownie, whichever you want to call it a try.~AmyLou

Brownie Pie

Chocolate lovers rejoice! This delicious pie combines the best of both worlds in this delicious dessert idea.

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