Easy Overnight Oatmeal? Breakfast has never been so easy!

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I always have good intentions at night before bed. “Tomorrow I’ll do better, tomorrow I’ll get up extra early to have time for a healthy breakfast.” Does it happen? Not too often, I’m tired, I don’t drag myself out of bed early enough, whatever the reason it just doesn’t always happen. BUT these overnight oatmeal cups give me just the right jump start to be ahead of the game BEFORE I go to bed. And it’s easy to keep yourself out of a rut by mixing up your fruit and nut add ins. So go ahead, give yourself a healthy jump start with this easy and delicious overnight oatmeal cups.

Easy Overnight Oatmeal

Get creative with your berry or fruit choices, I love apples in my oatmeal, or even peaches. Or splurge a little and add a few chocolate chips!

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