All Bran Muffins. You’d never guess how EASY these are!

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In the beginning Muffins were made from all types of ingredients that weren’t likable or enjoyed by anyone.  In fact, the Muffin family themselves, as well as everyone in the land, suffered from tummy aches.

Yes, I know.  It’s true.  The Muffin family was sad and truly desired to change but couldn’t until one day – this handsome prince was riding through their forest.  When his horse hit a tree, everything inside the bags he was carrying fell to the ground, scattering throughout their front yard.  In their great haste to run out their door to help the prince and his horse, every member of the Muffin family ran through the wonderful “bran” contained in those bags.

 All Bran Muffins

From that day forward muffins have never been the same.  They’re likable, enjoyed and eaten by all.  And you want to know something else?  No more tummy aches were heard of in the land of the Muffin family because of the fiber discovered in the “bran”.

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    In The Beginning All Bran Muffins


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