Sugar Sweet Peach Bread Pudding. Here’s how to make this MOUTH WATERING dessert…

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Mmmm… Fresh peaches! What’s better than a fresh peach? Biting into a fresh peach with all that sweet juice bursting into your mouth and all over you chin?! I can’t get enough of a good peach, especially when you get them fresh from one of those little roadside places. Or out of the back of a local farmers pick up truck. Those are the absolute best! I love to buy way more than we can eat! Why? So I have an excuse to find new ways to eat them up. Like this delicious fresh peach bread pudding. Sweet ¬†fresh peaches paired with a classic bread pudding, baked into a sweet mixture of textures and then top it all of with a drizzle of homemade brown sugar sauce?! YES MAM! Where is my spoon?! This dish may not make it to the table for the rest of the family to enjoy!~AmyLou

Peach Bread Pudding

This recipe is perfect on it’s own or served al la mode with some vanilla ice cream.

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